Made and designed in Italy

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Cover photo by Ferruccio Zanone

Cashmere produced and designed in Italy

Our main focus is the production of top quality cashmere items. We found our territory very well suited for this activity.

There are three big reasons for this, which are: Water, Know how and very high production standards. Let’s see them:

1) Clear and very light water

Biella and its region are a small (30 square miles) area close to the second biggest mountain in Europe (Massiccio del monte Rosa).

The feature that this territory has and interest us the most is the water, that has a very balanced and specific amount of particles in it.

This is perfect if you want to naturally treat and clean wool and cashmere fibers.

For example: Europe lightest mineral water comes from this region, see Lauretana.

This is why the Textile industry developed so rapidly in Biella and why now this land has more than one hundred years of know how on high quality textiles production.


Map of Oasi Zegna

2) Know how

People, tradition and taste are really important if you produce high quality goods.

In this district we have been blessed with good water, which was ideal to clean very high quality fibers, which lead to the production in this territory of high added value goods.

This means that here is easy to find skilled artisans that have strong traditions and know how to handle cashmere.

Taste matters, know how matters, that’s why we decided to produce here, close both to the nature that led to this know how and close to Milano and its vibrant fashion movement and tradition.

3) High production standards

We produce and design in Italy, and something that really helps us keeping the standards very high is the European Union

Not only if you produce here you have to comply to very hard quality controls and due diligence, but also all of your suppliers do.

The safety and the quality we provide thanks to this is excellent, that’s why we wanted to settle and we proudly produce here.

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