Our Mission

We believe that cashmere is the best textile material available and our mission is to show the world its incredible quality.

There is nothing like mother nature. Cashmere is a gift, with such an isolation potential it’s ideal for any environment. It must be properly selected and crafted with high precision.

Cashmere is our great passion, this rare and precious material always reminds us of the mountains we love and the ones we live in. 

Extraordinary Experties

We are the producers of everything displayed on our website.

This translates into a personal guarantee for the quality of our products, also offering you a prompt shipping delivery service directly from the production site in Italy, where our expert craftsmen meticulously create our products.

We strongly believe in your complete satisfaction of our product, thus, we are proud to offer you our 14-days money back guarantee.

Thankful to Nature

Mother nature is the main contributor to the production of this products and we are doing our best to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

After all nature provides us with:

  • The material itself obtained from the cashmere goats
  • The water we use to wash the material