We want to show the world Cashmere's qualities

Cashmere is the best textile fiber that mother nature has given us and our task is to enhance its value with our work, showing the world its incredible qualities.

Cashmere, with its thermal insulation power, is the perfect material for any environment. The fibers of this fabric must be selected with care and attention and worked with precision and dedication. Rare and precious, cashmere is our passion.

Respect for the environment

Our cashmere is a gift from mother nature; thus, we are proud to show our gratitude by using our deepest respect for nature and the environment.

Every day one of our most important objectives is to minimize the environmental impact of our production.

Nature is the primary source of our work: it provides us with the fibers we process but also the fresh water with which we wash them.

It is our duty and responsibility to preserve nature by respecting it.

Cashmere experience

The satisfaction of our customers is also our motivation to do more and always better. We want to deliver amazing and unique cashmere experiences and that is the reason our products have a 14 day money back guarantee.

As direct producers of every garment visible on our website, we are also guarantors of the quality of our products, from our production site in Biella, Italy, and directly to your home.