Why Miragg.io?

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Miragg.io is about "the look"

Both an illusion and a dream, mirage is a concept we loved from the beginning. 

From Wikipedia:

mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.

We were really intrigued because of the concept of reflection, that gives root to the word. Again from Wikipedia:

The word comes to English via the French mirage, from the Latin mirari, meaning “to look at, to wonder at“. This is the same root as for “mirror” and “to admire“.


Miragg.io is Italian

We didn’t want to hide our roots, miraggio is the Italian declination. As you know our products are Made in Italy.

Miragg.io is for me

the .io domains are commonly used for websites related to tech and smart services. As much as we wanted to be a smart and easy to use service we were always reading the .io as we do in our language. 

That’s why for us the meaning of this “io” is and will always be intended as “my self“, because we do design for individuals. We want to provide a product that you feel as your own.

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