Will my cashmere gift be a long lasting present?

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Our products are high value goods, so it’s possible that some of you are wandering? Is this present I’m buying for my dear ones (or for my self) a long lasting one?

Sure, Cashmere and our products are long lasting goods. Not only they can fit trough many different styles and be very versatile, but the can really be a companion for life.

Especially you can follow our reccomended tips on how to preserve cashmere during cleaning and caring.

Tips on cleaning and caring

Use always cold water

Warm water and warm temperature during cleaning can be really harmful to the equilibrium and the elasticity of the fibers.

Hand wash only

It requires more time, more care, but it’s necessary. A gentle fabric requires a gentle treatment.

Dry in an orizontal position

This will prevent the fibers from stretching and the garment will maintain its shape.

Do not iron directly

You can iron cashmere, but it’s better if you fit an extra layer between the iron and the fabric, maybe a cotton one. This will prevent direct and too high heat.

Use mothballs or similar products

Cashmere is a very natural material, as so is very loved not only by humans. Moths can eat it, so be sure that the place where you stock it is moth free.

Let the professionals take care of Pilling

If your garment is losing a little bit of fabric and producing fuzz balls it’s normal, it’s called Pilling, but a dry wash and a special treatment from a professional will restore your cashmere as brand new.

If you are sure to follow this tips then your cashmere good will be for sure a gift for life.

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